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Hanson Brothers

Victoria, British Columbia

The Hanson Brothers are a punk rock band formed in 1984 in Victoria and currently based in Vancouver. The group is led by John and Rob Wright and Tom Holliston, all members of the punk rock band Nomeansno.  The Hanson Brothers' band name references characters in the cult ice hockey film Slap Shot. Heavily influenced by the music of the Ramones and the sport of ice hockey, the band appears to be a self-conscious attempt to construct a set of simplistic Canadian male personas and accordingly simple music that alludes to the sorts of deeper philosophical issues NoMeansNo is prone to tackling. The band's music is frequently referred to as "puck rock." - Wikipedia



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Years Active


1984 - 2016



The Hockey Game

My Game

No Emotion


Music & Merch

Gross Misconduct - 1992

Sudden Death - 1996

My Game - 2002

It's A Living - 2008