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Humber River Valley Boys (bluegrass, honky tonk, folk)

The Humber River Valley Boys were a a Toronto-based bluegrass band. The band toured extensively throughout Canada, played most of the major Folk and Bluegrass festivals, and produced three albums. Members include founder Brian Pickell - banjo, Dave Harvey -  bass, Don Thurstan -  mandolin, vocals and John Glover - guitar, vocals.

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Humber River Valley Boys - Humber River

Humber River Valley Boys - 1977


Dark Hollow                                                          Fly Around Pretty Little Miss

Blue And Lonesome                                             Rose Tree / La Bastringue

Little Darlin'                                                           Mandolin King Rag

Late Snow                                                             Roustabout

The Highwayman                                                 Shackles And Chains

Dubuque/Sally In The Garden                             It's A Shame To Whip Your Wife On Sunday

Humber River Valley Boys - Bar Room Daze

Bar Room Daze - 1978


A1 Detour 2:54                                                 A2 Campbell's Farewell To Red Castle 2:04

A3 Little Whitewashed Chimney 2:44              A4 Mister Engineer 2:50

A5 Stone Mountain Wobble 2:18                     A6 I Cried Again 2:48

A7 Billy In The Low Ground 2:35                     B1 Red Haired Boy / Masons Apron 4:30

B2 Crossties On A Railroad 3:47                     B3 Eating Out Of Your Hand 2:47

B4 Sandy River Belle / June Apple 2:05          B5 Little Maggie 3:26

B6 High On A Mountain 2:40

Humber River Valley Boys - They Said It

They Said It Couldn't Be Done

- 1980


A1 These Old Blues 2:03                                 A2 Between The Lines 2:37

A3 The Old, Old House 2:47                            A4 Blue Ridge Mountain Home 2:51

A5 Little Darlin' 2:32                                         A6 Dear Old Dixie 2:11

B1 Wild Kentucky Roan 3:01                           B2 Temperance Reel: Loch Leven Castle 3:06

B3 My Sweet Blue-Eyed Darlin' 1:59               B4 Tell It To Me 2:30

B5 I've Just Seen The Rock Of Ages 4:56      B6 Love Come Home 2:33


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