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Thrush Hermit

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Thrush Hermit was an alternative rock band active in the 1990s, formed in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1992 by Joel Plaskett (vocals, guitar), Rob Benvie (vocals, guitar), Ian McGettigan (vocals, bass), and Michael Catano (drums).  The band was known to have highly energetic, humorous, and unpredictable performances. They were featured on the mainstage at Edgefest in 1995, but rather than playing their own material they played exclusively Steve Miller Band covers instead.  Similarly, for their first national TV appearance on MuchMusic they played a Nazareth cover instead of highlighting any songs from their album. - Wikipedia




Associated Acts

Years Active


1992–1999, 2010


The Day We Hit The Coast

French Inhale



Joel Plaskett, Rob Benvie, Ian McGettigan
Michael Catano, Cliff Gibb, Benn Ross


Music & Merch

Ammo - 1993

Smart Bomb - 1994

The Great Pacific Ocean - 1995

Sweet Homewrecker - 1997

Clayton Park - 1999