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Corridor (indie rock, punk)

Corridor is an indie rock band from Montreal, Quebec, consisting of vocalist and bassist Dominic Berthiaume, guitarist Julian Perreault, guitarist and vocalist Jonathan Robert and drummer Julien Bakvis, with the addition of multi-instrumentalist Samuel Gougoux in live performances.  The first francophone band ever signed to the influential indie label Sub Pop, they are most noted for their 2019 album Junior, which was a longlisted nominee for the 2020 Polaris Music Prize. The band released their debut EP Un magicien en toi in 2013, and followed up with their full-length debut Le Voyage Éternel in 2015.

Corridor - Un Magicien En Toi (EP) - 201

Un Magicien En Toi (EP) - 2014

Corridor - Le Voyage Eternal - 2015.jpg

Le Voyage Eternal - 2015

Corridor - Supermercado - 2017.jpg

Supermercado - 2017

Corridor - Junior - 2019.jpg

Junior - 2019

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