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The Creepshow

Burlington, Ontario

The Creepshow is a band from Burlington, Ontario formed in 2005 when the four original members got together with the purpose of starting a psychobilly band. The Creepshow writes the majority of their songs about horror films.  The band is known for their fast-paced songs filled with lots of backup vocals from McNab and McGinty and sing-alongs that the whole crowd can participate in.  In August, 2009 Hellcat Records announced they had signed The Creepshow and would be re-releasing their second album Run for Your Life in October. This signing was the first time a Canadian band had been signed to the California-based label.  - Wikipedia



Associated Acts

Years Active


Jersey, Black Lungs, Rehab for Quitters, Outspan, Walk off the Earth



2005 – present


My Soul To Keep

Death At My Door

The Devil's Son


Music & Merch

Sell Your Soul - 2006

Run For Your Life - 2008

They All Fall Down - 2010

Life After Death - 2013

Death At My Door - 2017

Creepy Christmas Classics - 2008

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