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Cub (indie pop, rock)

Cub was an indie pop band from Vancouver, British Columbia that formed in 1992 and disbanded in 1997. They played a melodic, jangly form of pop punk that was dubbed "cuddlecore" by some music critics. Their song "New York City" was covered by They Might Be Giants on their album Factory Showroom, and their song "Little Star" was covered by Washington's Sicko on their album, Laugh While You Can Monkey Boy.  Robynn Iwata co-formed I Am Spoonbender in 1997 in San Francisco. Lisa Marr and Lisa G. started another band (Buck) in 1998 once they moved to California from their native Vancouver.

Cub - Pep (EP) - 1992.jpg

Pep (EP) - 1992

Cub - Betti-Cola - 1993.jpg

Betti-Cola - 1993

Cub - Hot Dog Day (EP) - 1993.jpg

Hot Dog Day (EP) - 1993

Cub - Come Out Come Out - 1995.jpg

Come Out Come Out - 1995

Cub - Box of Hair - 1996.jpg

Box Of Hair - 1996

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White Paw Side

Go Fish 1:58               What The Water Gave Me 1:13              The Day We Met 1:48

Black Paw Side

Chico 1:14                   Motel 6 2:19                                            A Party 1:17


White Bear Side

Hello Kitty 1:29                             Lucky 7 1:46                      Leapfrog 2:06

Black Bear Side

Little Star 1:12                              My Assassin 1:47              Backwoods 3:15

White Sun Side

Pretty Pictures 1:37                      They Don't 1:22                 Sweet Pea 1:25

Black Sun Side

It's True 1:25                                 Someday 1:39                  A Picnic1:20


Flying Carpet

My Chinchilla

Electric Chair

Nicholas Bragg

Through My Hoop

Summer Samba


Ticket To Spain                                             Everything's Geometry

My Flaming Red Bobsled                             Isabelle

New York City                                               So Far Apart

Life Of Crime                                                Tomorrow Go Away

I'm Your Angel                                              Por Favor

Vacation                                                       Voracious

Radio Chinchilla


Freaky                                                       Pillow Queen

Magic 8 Ball                                              Loaded

Main And Broadway                                 Box Of Hair

One Last Kiss                                           Way To Go

Mom And Dad                                          S.G.

River Side                                                Not What You Think [Live]

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