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Dark Orchard (electronic, ambient)

Dark Orchard is the brainchild of award winning drummer, Jim Casson.  It is a unique combination of ambient grooves, vintage sounds and conversation. Dark Orchard released its debut album in 2012 to much critical acclaim.  The sophomore album, “Blossom” was released in the fall of 2014 and has been on the Canadian Campus radio charts for 21 weeks as well as garnering airplay from Newfoundland to California.  CBC’s The Signal has played Dark Orchard regularly since its release.  Primarily a studio project, Dark Orchard rarely performs live. Dark Orchard has received a nomination for 2012 Instrumentalist of the Year from the Niagara Music Awards.

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Every Moment You Own                            Bolo Tie

Prayer                                                        I Watch You All The Time

Dudu                                                          Invocation (featuring Heather Dale)

Weathered                                                 Tanks Number One

Nervous And Awkward                              Nine Matteresses

Dark Orchard - 2012

Dark Orchard - Blossom - 2014.jpg


Ashley Sugarnotch                                         Qichwa

Waterloo Clyde                                               Eduard

Black Beach                                                   Isabela

Ruby                                                               Floreana

Learn To Stop Worrying (Duck & Cover)        Blossom


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Blossom - 2014

Dark Orchard - Tres - 2018.jpg


10,000 Drones                                        Donegall

Drama On Hwy 20                                  Cecil & Del

Bourbon Myth                                         Ambient 59

Lenin & McCarthy                                   Bloor & Bathurst

Antrim                                                     Big Drag

Dione & Cassini                                      Beauty

Tres - 2018

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