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Darlene Shrugg (alternative rock)

Darlene Shrugg is unabashedly a rock 'n roll band. Formed in Toronto in 2013, it's something of a local enigma; Darlene more or less abstains from an internet presence, and its public performances are sporadic at best. Now, over two, reticent years, Darlene has completed an LP, coaxing out an imaginatively produced debut album of brash theatricality and uninhibited Rock and Roll. With their glammed-up, high intensity live show featuring all members contributing vocals (save drummer TB), Darlene Shrugg seems not to rebut so much as disregard the notion of Rock's diminished cultural capital. Their diverse brand of hard rock resists genre pigeon-holing.

Darlene Shrugg (

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Darlene Shrugg - Darlene Shrugg - 2017.j


Inherit The Wind 4:23                                 First World Blues 3:05

Wah Wah 3:06                                            Strawberry Milk 4:54

Technicolour Surround 1:51                        National Security 1:22

Pete Rose Boogie 2:57                              Where's Your Brother? 3:39

Freedom Comes In A Plastic Card 3:47

Darlene Shrugg - 2017


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