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Daughter of the Moon

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Daughter of the Moon from Winnipeg, Manitoba is a dream/folk songstress who moves around the world with her guitar, turning her experiences into songs.  After playing a set at the Blessed Coast Music Festival in B.C, Natalie (Daughter Of the Moon) recalled a close friend remarking she was “like the daughter of the moon” while she danced barefoot in the grass. She decided to shed her original name in honour of this upcoming new sound and collection of songs, presenting herself as "Daughter of the Moon".  Under her previous artist name, Natalie Ramsay, she released her first ever solo album “Alien” (2007) and self-produced and recorded her 2nd solo album, “Fly To Home” in 2014. - Daughter of the Moon

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Dream Folk

Awards & Accolades


created soundtracks for short films, most notably for “Howl” (Jaime Gianopoulos) that screened at the Byron Bay Film Festival in 2017 and “Following Wildflowers” (Gemma Crowe) at Cascadia Dance and Cinema film festival in 2018.


Years Active


2007 - present





Wind And Fire


Natalie Ramsay

Music & Merch

Natalie Ramsay - Fly To Home - 2014.jpg
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Natalie Ramsay - Howl Sountrack (EP) - 2

Fly To Home - 2014 (as Natalie Ramsay)

Setting Sail - 2015 (as Natalie Ramsay)

Howl Soundtrack - 2016 (as Natalie Ramsay)

Daughter of the Moon - Daughter of the M
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Daughter of the Moon - 2018