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Dave Gunning

Pictou County, Nova Scotia

Dave Gunning is a folk singer-songwriter born in Pictou County, Nova Scotia. Gunning credits the first live concert he ever observed, a 1981 double bill of John Allan Cameron and Stan Rogers, to be a major driving force in shaping the direction his life would take as a musician.  Over the span of his career, Gunning has released ten albums, received a Juno Award nomination and has been awarded two Canadian Folk Music Awards and recognized with eight East Coast Music Awards.  He is known for the incorporation of story telling into his live show. In particular, Gunning relates anecdotes of notable characters from Pictou County and performs impressions of musicians that he has worked with over the years.

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Folk, world and country

Awards & Accolades


eight East Coast Music Awards and two Canadian Folk Music Awards, plus a 2012 Juno Award nomination in the Roots & Traditional Solo Album of the Year category for his album … a tribute to John Allan Cameron


Years Active


1997 - present



In The Time I Was Away

These Hands

I Robbed The Company Store


Not Available

Music & Merch

Dave Gunning - Lost Tracks - 1996.jpg
Dave Gunning - Live - 2002.jpg

Lost tracks - 1996

Live - 2002

Dave Gunning - House For Sale - 2007.jpg
Dave Gunning - We're All Leaving - 2009.

House For Sale - 2007

We're All Leaving - 2009

Dave Gunning - A Tribute To John Allan C
Dave Gunning - No More Pennies -

A Tribute To John Allan Cameron - 2010

No More Pennies - 2012

Dave Gunning - Up Against The Sky - 2019
Dave Gunning - Two-Bit World - 2004.jpg

Two Bit world - 2004

Dave Gunning - Caught Between Shadows -

Caught Between Shadows - 2007

Dave Gunning - Lift - 2015.jpg

Lift - 2015


Up Against The Sky - 2019