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Dead Soft (rock, pop)

Hailing from a small inlet island in the Pacific Northwest, Dead Soft is a four-piece band pairing playful, melody-driven rock 'n roll with high energy power-pop anthems. Or, as the band describes it: "Dead Soft is grunge-punk for the people." Dead Soft was founded in 2011 by partners Nathaniel Epp (vocalist/songwriter) and Keeley Rochon (bassist/vocalist) as "a fun living room rock project." In Vancouver, Dead Soft became a three-piece and, after a string of singles, released their self-titled debut in 2014. - Arts & Crafts

dead soft.jpg
Dead Soft - Dead Soft (EP) - 2011.jpg

Dead Soft EP - 2011

Dead Soft - Dead Soft - 2014.jpg

Dead Soft - 2014

Dead Soft - New Emotion (EP) - 2018.jpg

New Emotion EP - 2018

Dead Soft - Big Blue - 2019.jpg

Big Blue - 2019

Dead Soft - Baby Blue - 2020.jpg

Baby Blue - 2020

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