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Death Sentence (punk)

Death Sentence were on the forefront of Vancouver punk's second wave during the mid eighties. Their sound, which crossed British punk and Metal with DOA-style hardcore, made them a popular live act not only in the Pacific Northwest, but across Canada. The band's two albums, Not A Pretty Sight and Stop Killing Me have sold an impressive 60,000 copies, even though they've never been re-issued on CD. To this day, they are still trying to retain the rights to their back catalog from the now bankrupt Fringe records. Death Sentence disbanded in 1991 but reformed with a new singer to replace Pete Cleaver, who died of a drug overdose in the mid-nineties. - James Cornell

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Death Sentence - Not A Pretty Sight - 19

Not A Pretty Sight - 1984

Death Sentence - Stop Killing Me - 1988.

Stop Killing Me - 1988

Death Sentence - Death Seantence (comp)

Death Sentence - 2009


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