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Dog Eat Dogma (punk, rock)

Originally known as Dogzilla, this punk act from Vancouver, British Columbia released a six song cassette produced by Joey Shithead (DOA). The cassette was well received and so the band recorded five more songs and released it as the CD ‘I, Dogeater’ under the name Dog Eat Dog. The disc featured artwork by Jim Cummins of the band I, Braineater (which all the members of Dog Eat Dogma had once been members of). With a similar band name already in existence they changed it once again to Dog Eat Dogma for their sophomore album ‘Dogmachine.’ - Jaimie Vernon, The Canadian Pop Music Encyclopedia

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Dog Eat Dog - I, Dogeater - 1991.jpg

I, Dogeater - 1991


1 Tv Or Not TV                                                  2 Cockroach

3 Ego-A-Go-Go                                                 4 Vihad

5 New World Order                                           6 Great Escape

7 Free Love                                                      8 Cave Man

9 Life In Hell                                                    10 Psychobabble

11 Die Mader

Dog Eat Dogma - Dogmachine - 1994.jpg

Dogmachine - 1994


Political Prisoner 4:21                                      Mon Dieu 2:09

Transcendental Medication 5:45                     Bad Seed 4:36

Please Hang Up 3:34                                      Animal Farm 5:03

Parannoyed 4:45                                            Are You Joking? 4:30

Big Bang Theory 4:02                                     Necropolis 3:30


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Dog Eat Dogma - Dogzilla - 1998.PNG


1 Kaos Rex                                                     2 Ode To Greed

3 Oblivious                                                      4 Freedom Of Obsession

5 Overbored                                                   6 Take My Life - Please

7 Man With A Gun                                          8 Teufelskind

9 Nothing Personal                                        10 Meganegativity

11 Art Of The State                                        12 Believe

Dogzilla - 1998

Dog Eat Dogma - New Leash On Life - 2004.jpg


1 Resistance                                                   2 Supertelevangelistic

3 Feed The People                                         4 Cockroach

5 Teufelskind                                                   6 Alphamale

7 Mon Dieu                                                     8 Evilution

9 One World                                                  10 God Eat God

New Leash On Life - 2004