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Don Adams (country)

Don Adams (Greenfield, Ohio) was an American country music singer, who often supported George Jones such as on Live at Dancetown U.S.A. He also sang with Johnny Paycheck.  Adams was frequently mistaken for the Get Smart actor Don Adams, and Jack O'Diamonds Records received requests for the actor to sing the country singer's hit "Two of the Usual" on the Get Smart show. In later years Adam was also confused with the Munich-based R&B singer Don Adams from the German production of the musical Hair.  Later in life, Adams settled in British Columbia and is credited with helping establish country music in western Canada.

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On His Way - 1973


A1 I'll Be Satisfied 1:57                                      A2 Manhattan, Kansas 2:29

A3 Worst Of Luck 3:00                                      A4 All For The Love Of A Girl 2:02

A5 Oh What A Future She Had 2:27                 A6 Hold Back Tomorrow 2:40

B1 I've Already Stayed Too Long 2:48              B2 A Drink, A Dance, And An Old Love Song 2:34

B3 Daydream 2:20                                            B4 It Keeps Right On A Hurtin' 2:43

B5 The Way I'm Needing You 2:28                   B6 I Just Lost My Favorite Girl 2:30


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