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English Words (pop, new wave)

English Words from Charlottetown, PEI started out as more of a garage rock band called Smothered in Hugs forming in 2005. Their debut album Healing Power of Injury was named Rock Recording of the Year at the 2010 Music PEI Awards. In September of 2012, English Words released its first album, Red Potion, under the new moniker which contains brilliantly crafted, melodic and dreamy new wave. The album is deservedly up for a 2013 East Coast Music award. 

English Words - Customer Appreciation (E


1 RD Prologue

2 Iceberg

3 Cold Mercenaries

4 Rope

Customer Appreciation (EP) - 2010

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1 Bumblebees                                                2 Devil Under The Bed

3 Bad Joke                                                     4 People I Love

5 Takeover Panther                                        6 Pay To Play

7 Jessica                                                        8 All My Lovers

9 Go To Bed                                                   10 Untitled

Red Potion - 2012