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Eva Everything (new wave)

Eva Everything was a musician, writer and television producer from Toronto. Best known as an independent new wave music and video artist in the 1980s, she released her debut album Boob Tube in 1984, the No Pleasure EP in 1984, and The Right Thing on the In Demand compilation LP in 1987. She was one of Canada's first independent artists who wrote, performed, produced, manufactured and distributed their own music and videos. She is best known for her singles and videos including Painless, Boob Tube, and Polyester Passion.

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Eva Everything - Boob Tube - 1984.jpg


A1 Boob Tube 3:34                                                A2 Painless 3:17

A3 Polyester Passion 3:21                                    A4 Piece Of Cake 2:25

B1 Heavy Traffic 3:21                                            B2 Afraid To Have Fun 3:24

B3 Space Love 3:48                                              B4 Nuts & Bolts 0:30

Boob Tube - 1984

Eva Everything - No Pleasure - 1984.jpg


No Pleasure 3:08

Painless 3:37

No Pleasure (Dance Mix) 4:47

No Pleasure (EP) - 1984

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