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Fifth Column  (rock, post-punk)

Fifth Column was an all-female post-punk band from Toronto, formed in the early 1980s. They took their name Fifth Column from a military manoeuvre by fascist Francisco Franco during the Spanish Civil War, in which Nazi-aligned nationalist insurrectionists within besieged Republican Madrid, called 'the fifth column', aided the four columns (north, south, east and west) outside the perimeters. Soon after forming, the group became involved in the Cassette culture of the 1980s. Their first release was a selection of songs on the cassette compilation Urban Scorch released by Some Product in 1981. GB and Caroline along with Candy Parker released their own underground xerox art/ social commentary zine named Hide (5 issues) which, after its first issue, came out with audio cassettes that were compilations of music by their punk, post-punk and experimental contemporaries.

fifth column.jpg
Fifth Column - Boy Girl (EP) - 1983.jpg


A1 Boy / Girl 2:34

A2 Legionnaires 3:50

B Monsieur Beauchamps 4:16

Boy/Girl (EP) - 1983

Fifth Column - To Sir With Hate - 1986.j


A1 Kangaroo Court 2:14                                     A2 The Fairview Mall Story 4:00

A3 Hit The Roof 3:48                                          A4 To Sir With Hate 6:09

A5 Modern Diseases 7:31                                  B1 Right Hook 2:58

B2 Ghost Of A Buffalo 5:44                                B3 Where Are They Now? 4:04

B4 Late Last Night 4:14


To Sir With Hate - 1986

Fifth Column - All-Time Queen Of The Wor


She Said, "Boom." 3:46                                     Bad Madelaine 3:18

Walk Like You 4:17                                            Like This 6:33

It's Science Friction! 2:55                                  Schröeder, Ye! Ye! 4:28

M. Bourke-White 3:31                                       Weathertown 4:49

Secret Storm 6:25

All-Time Queen Of The World - 1990

Fifth Column - 36C - 1994.jpg


All Women Are Bitches: Repeat!                      (Get The) Bug

Your Love Glows In The Dark                          Don't

Spoiler                                                              Donna

M.O.V.E.                                                          Von Brucker In

Schizocrush                                                     It's A Really Weird Thing


36C - 1994


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