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First You Get The Sugar (alternative rock)

First You Get the Sugar is a four-piece rock band based in Montreal, Quebec, consisting of Adam Kagan (guitar and vocals), Mick Mendelsohn (bass and vocals), Dan Moscovitch (drums) and Alex Silver (guitar and vocals). The band's musical style has been described as a mix of "post-punk, new wave, classic rock, 1960s pop and 1970s soul/funk." In January 2012, The Gazette's 2012 Montreal Music Preview described them as "danceable, giddily hooky...[and] going places." The name was chosen as a reference to a quotation from the "Lisa's Rival" episode of the American animated sitcom television series The Simpsons, in which the quotation itself is a homage to the American crime film Scarface (1983).

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First You Get The Sugar - First YYou Get


1. Tell Your Mama 03:13                             2. Sabre Rattlin' 03:26

3. Disco Volante 05:14                                4. Scavengers 03:57

5. Name Drop 04:54                                   6. Sally Pulled The Fire Alarm 04:10

7. You're Always Wrong 05:10                    8. When She Stops 04:56

First You Get The Sugar - 2011

First You Get The Sugar - Foreign Lands


1. Foreign Lands 03:49

2. To Be Great 02:47

3. Real Burnout 03:31

4. Kick It 01:57

5. Point Reyes 05:12

Foreign Lands - 2014


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