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Francine Honey (folk)

Bad luck stories can have happy endings. This is especially true in the world of Leamington, Ontario's Francine Honey. Five years after launching her first album — a homemade gift produced by her friends and family — the mother of two, a former federal public servant, is fulfilling her dream. She has met the love of her life, she continues the career she has long deprived herself of, and she has produced an album that presents her most touching compositions. To Be Continued has helped advance Honey's music, which is an amalgam of Americana, country, rock, Canadiana and blues.

Francine Honey | International Award Winning Singer Songwriter

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Francine Honey - Re-Drawn - 2014.jpg

Re-Drawn - 2014

01. I’m Outta Here                                              02. I Soldier On
03. What Really Counts                                      04. You Got Into Me
05. Shedding My Fears                                      06. Re-Drawn
07. The Perfect Man                                          08. My Witness
09. I Melted                                                       10. Je Vis Sans Limites

Francine Honey - An Ordinary Woman (EP)

An Ordinary Woman (EP) - 2015

01. Shedding My Fears
02. Come Sit In My Chair
03. Momma
04. An Ordinary Person
05 I Run

Francine Honey - To Be Continued... - 20

To Be Continued... - 2018

01 Snowflakes On My Eyelashes                                      02 Stay
03 To Be Continued                                                           04 Honey
05 Shacked-Up Sweetie                                                    06 Space
07 Open Road                                                                   08 Mamas Take Bad Dreams Away
09 Marilyn                                                                          10 I Wish
11 Can’t Break Through to You

Francine Honey - Take Me To The North Po

Take Me To The North Pole - 2019

01 Take Me To The North Pole                                      02 Blue Christmas
03 Let It Snow                                                                04 Christmas Round My Tree
05 It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year               06 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
07 Silent Night                                                                08 My Heart Is There With You

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