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Fussy Cussy (electronic, disco)

Fussy Cussy enticed the Canadian dance scene with their magical blend of reggae, dance and salsa. They have continued to build their fan base in their hometown of Montreal, opening for the likes of Santana & The Village People, amongst others. They worked meticulously at developing their talents and performances, packing houses in virtually every country they toured. Their outrageous success is the Dance Market led the way to “El Festival”, the notoriously “Hot” yearly Puerto Rican Party, where they were billed three years consecutively. Fussy Cussy is a multi-faceted ensemble consisting of Cussy Nicodemo (founder/singer/songwriter), Jo Jo Marandola (co-founder/drums/songwriter), Nick Chovitti(bass), Jeff Fong (trumpet/keyboards), John Rudel (percussion), Ronnie Arduini (singer/keyboards), Pamela Fong (baratone/saxophone) and Vince Montagano (guitar). - Dance Plant Records

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Fussy Cussy - Flash..The Beat Goes On - 1994.jpg

Flash...The Beat Goes On - 1994


Everybody Needs Some Loving 4:03                     Take Me Higher 3:45

You Took My Love 3:34                                           Don't You Worry 4:21

Cry To Me, Lie To Me 4:17                                      Got To Move It 3:44

Give Me Love 4:47                                                  Flash From The Past 4:40

Can't Stop Dreaming 3:56                                       This Is It 4:35

Lost My Love 4:59                                                  Music Gives Us Power 4:22

Got The Motion 4:18


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