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Gainsborough Gallery (folk, pop rock)

This Calgary, Alberta-based outfit originally came together in 1964 as The Skeptics.
By 1966 they'd adopted a new name - The Gainsborough Gallery (named after a local art gallery that kindly agreed to collect the band's mail) and sported an expanded line up showcasing the talents of former Privilege singer Mel Deacon (aka Mel Degan), singer Jae Mack, lead guitarist Peter Marley, drummer Ray McAndrew, keyboardist Tim McHugh, former Wes Dakus' Rebels bass player Dennis Paul, and singer and violinist Henry Small.

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Gainsborough Gallery - Life Is A Song - 1970.jpg

Life Is A Song - 1970


House On Soul Hill 2:34                                I Need Someone (The Painter) 3:25

Thank You, Girl 2:18                                      Light In The Window 3:01

Dreams In A Box Car 1:58                             Turn Around And Love You 2:56

Life Is A Song 2:40                                        Hello L.A. - Bye Bye Birmingham 2:21

It's Growing 2:12                                           If She Don't Turn Your Head 1:59

I Think I'll Catch A Bus (And Go Back Home) 2:15

Get Ready 2:42


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