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Ghostkeeper (pop, folk, blues)

Ghostkeeper from Calgary, Alberta is a continually-evolving organism; the defining aspect of all their music to date, coursing through each of their evolutionary stages, is that the band truly sounds like no one else. The current iteration of the band – uniting core members/vocalists Shane Ghostkeeper and Sarah Houle with drummer Eric Hamelin  and bassist Ryan Bourne  – has carved out Ghostkeeper’s most unique soundworld to date.  Ghostkeeper's debut album, Children of the Great Northern Muskeg, was recorded by Lorrie Matheson. It gained positive recognition from music publications including Exclaim!, and iheartmusic.

Ghostkeeper - Ghostkeeper - 2010.jpg

Ghostkeeper - 2010

Ghostkeeper - Children of the Great Nort

Children Of The Great Northern Muskeg - 2008

Ghostkeeper - Horse Chief War Thief - 20

Horse Chief, War Thief - 2013

Ghostkeeper - Sheer Blouse Buffalo Knock

Sheer Blouse Buffalo Knocks - 2017

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