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Goody Two Shoes (folk, psychedelic rock)

In November 1969 shortly after the disbanding of A Passing Fancy, both of that act’s former vocalists – Jay Telfer and Fergus Hambleton (who replaced Telfer) – recorded a studio album for Allied Records under the name Goody Two Shoes called ‘Come Together’. The album was primarily cover tunes and is also noteworthy for lead guitar work by former A Passing Fancy roadie Kevan Staples – better known as half of future shock rockers Rough Trade. Having moved to Belleville, Ontario Telfer became the editor of an antique collector’s magazine called ‘The Wayback Times’until his untimely death May 20th, 2009 of heart failure. Hambleton would later go on to be in the band RAIN, then would launch a solo career as FERGUS for Capitol Records before becoming a member of The Ginger Group, The Basics and, finally, finding great success with Toronto reggae act The Sattalites.- Jaimie Vernon, The Canadian Pop Music Encyclopedia

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Come Together - 1969


A1 Come Together 4:11                                   A2 Dream 2:44

A3 High Falootin' 2:38                                     A4 Without You 2:06

A5 I'm Losing Tonight 4:54                              B1 Slow Down 3:34

B2 Sounds Silly 2:24                                       B3 One 3:12

B4 Up On Cripple Creek 4:39                         B5 Ten Pound Note 3:07


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