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Grandma Moses (glam, hard rock)

Grandma Moses stormed onto the Vancouver scene in June of 1991. The Group was put together by Sandy Hazard (Ex-Pretty Boy Floyd) Mick Wood and Todd Stevens, who recruited Mike Abrams and Dave Davidson to finalize the lineup. Within a year the band was featured in several US rock magazines including a feature in "Rock on the rise" in Metal Edge Magazine. The groups sound had been described as NY street Trash ala Deadboys/NY Dolls but with a modern feel.

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Grandma Moses - Too Little Too Late - 20


1 Who You Trying To Kid?                                    2 Shit

3 Diggin' For Gold                                                4 Thrill Kill

5 Little America                                                    6 Sad Life

7 Mongoloid                                                         8 Infidelity

9 Chinese Rocks                                                 10 Workin' Class Whore

11 Death To The 60's                                           12 Urchin

13 7-11                                                                14 Knock Me Down

15 Engine Number 9                                           16 River Of Tears

17 Junkie Fixation                                               18 Dismal Jimmy

19 Pills                                                                 20 Cougharama

21 Junkie Fixation                                               22 Knock Me Down

23 Something That I Said

Too Little Too Late - 2004


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