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Haywire (hard rock)

Haywire is a hard rock band originally from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island formed in 1981 by Paul MacAusland (vocals), Marvin Birt (guitar/vocals), David Rashed (keys/vocals), Ronnie Switzer (bass/vocals) and Scott Roberts (drums). In 1984, they won the "Q104 Homegrown" (Volume 1) contest; the first prize was the chance to record a single, but the band took the opportunity to invest additional money of their own and record a 5-song EP, Haywire (1985), which eventually sold over 5,000 copies in the Maritimes. In 1985, they won the Labatt's "Battle of the Bands" competition, and used the $10,000 first prize to record more material. In the summer of 1986, the group signed a recording contract with Canadian independent label Attic Records.

Haywire - Bad Boys - 1986.jpg

Bad Boys - 1986


Bad Bad Boy 3:40                                  Standin' In Line 3:50

She's Not (The Kind Of Girl) 3:26          Holding You 4:29

Out Of My Head 3:07                             When You Fall Out Of Love 3:23

3 Wishes 4:19                                        Girl In Love 3:38

Shot In The Dark 3:26                            Crazy 3:00


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Dance Desire 3:59                               One Heart Affair 4:24

Black And Blue 4:03                             Fire 4:20

Man Enough 4:20                                 Hard Reaction 3:53

Affection 3:25                                       Separate Dreams 3:56

Angel 3:50                                            Thinkin' About The Years 5:10

Don't Just Stand There - 1987


Operator Central 4:02                           Short End Of A Wishbone 3:48

Livin It Up 4:35                                      Gettin The Groove 3:48

Wild Wild 3:25                                       Strange One 4:02

She Drives 4:42                                    Well Oiled Machine 4:07

Tremble In Line 3:34                             Push 'N Shove (That's The Way) 4:04

Taken The Pain 4:53

Nuthouse - 1990


Hypnautica 1:46                                    Down To You 3:18

Get Back 3:50                                       Worst Part 3:51

Wanna Be The One 4:08                      Buzz 4:53

The Bunker 1:08                                   All Talk No Action 3:05

Move Over 4:19                                    One Heart 4:15

Knuckles 2:41                                       Love Needs a Hand 5:34

Get Off - 1992

Haywire - Don't Just Stand There - 1987.
Haywire - Nuthouse - 1990.jpg
Haywire - Get Off - 1992.jpg
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