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High Five Drive (punk, rock)

High Five Drive is a melodic hardcore/skate punk band from Winnipeg, Manitoba known for their high-energy live performances. Since forming in 2001, they have released one EP and three full-length albums. They have toured across Canada, appearing with such bands as Comeback Kid, A Wilhelm Scream, the Cancer Bats and Die Mannequin. In May 2009 they embarked on their third European tour, playing with The Living Daylights and Rentokill. Their last album FullBlast was produced and engineered by John Peters, known for working with Comeback Kid and A Textbook Tragedy.

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High Five Drive - Something Better (EP)


1 Reflection 3:40

2 A Relative Matter 2:13

3 Lead Boots 2:42

4 Discouragement 4:06

5 Potential 2:57

Something Better (EP) - 2002

High Five Drive - Service Engine Soon -


Colic                                                                      September

A Promise Of Freedom                                          This Is My Rifle

A Relative Matter                                                   Fallen

As This Body Betrays Me                                      No Buddah, No Dharma

Abandon This Compromise                                   This Is My Life?

Straight And Narrow Minded

Service Engine Soon - 2004

High Five Drive - From The Ground Up - 2


Separation                                                            End In Grey

Left Behind                                                           The Storm Before The Calm

Hope For The Best                                               Looking Past It All

Thought Crime Agenda                                        Survivor

Remember Everything                                         Never Around

From The Ground Up - 2006


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High Five Drive - Fullblast - 2009.jpg


Vengeance Theme 2:39                                           Eight Hour Drives 4:31

Foreign Mantras Make Great Role Models 3:05      Our Great War 3:40

Inspiration Is Realization 2:35                                  Party Of One 2:43

Never Give Up 3:19                                          Peace Lies Beyond Our Fear Of Each Other 3:32

The Memories That Keep 5:17                               Save Yourself 2:25

Nowhere To Hide 3:27                                            Underbreath Regrets 4:54

Fullblast - 2009

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