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Hype (hardcore punk)

From 1983 until 1989 Hype became the most established hardcore punk band from the Toronto Canada scene and one of Canada's leading hardcore punk acts. Hype became the first Toronto hardcore band to release a full length LP with Life is hard......then you die! in 1985 and first to tour that same year. In 1987 they released their second LP Burned and completed another tour followed by a third in 1988. Hype was also a major force in the Toronto hardcore scene through their concert promotions arm Reuben Kincade Productions. Hype played with many noted groups such as 7 Seconds, MDC, The Freeze, Youth Brigade, S.N.F.U., Adrenalin OD and False Prophets among others.

Hype - Life Is Hard...Then You Die - 198

Life Is Hard...Then You Die - 1985


It's All Hype                                                    Coke Is It

Pseudo Punk                                                 Only A Fool

Cigarette Head                                              I Wanna Be Neil

Violent Nature                                               Tradition

Generic Placebo                                           Time & Cash

Amputee Hop                                                Overreact

You Slay Me                                                  O'Canada

Ode To Larry                                                 Superpowers

Real Eyes

Hype - Burned - 1987.jpg

Burned - 1987


Life Is Hard...Then You Die                           Free Trade

Ditch Pig                                                        Sick Side Show

Chants                                                           Asshole At Large

Wipeout                                                         Scumtongue

Intermission                                                   Have You Seen Nicole?

Burned                                                           Insecurity

Our Glass                                                      Need A Handgun

White Disease                                               The Fix

They Do As They Please

Hype - Live 87-88 Tour - 2018.jpg

Live 87-88 Tour - 2018


1 Ditch Pig                                                     2 Scumtongue

3 Cigarette Head                                           4 Chants/Asshole At Large

5 Burned                                                        6 Violent Nature

7 Only A Fool                                                 8 White Disease

9 Coke Is It                                                    10 Generic Placebo

11 Have You Seen Nicole                              12 Life Is Hard...Then You Die!

13 Sick Side Show                                        14 The Fix

15 Time And Cash                                        16 Ode To Larry

17 Free Trade                                               18 They Do As They Please

19 Our Glass                                                 20 Need A Handgun

21 Overreact                                                  22 Your Treasure (Previously Unreleased)

23 24th Letter (Previously Unreleased)        24 What War Is This (Previously Unreleased)

Hype - Live Larry's Hideaway - 2019.jpg

Live Larry's Hideaway 1985 - 2019


1 It's All Hype                                                2 Amputee Hop

3 Pseudo Punk                                             4 Insecurity

5 Violent Nature                                            6 But What Chameleon Smut

7 Time & Cash                                              8 Ditch Pig

9 O' Canada                                                 10 You Slay Me

11 Cigarette Head                                        12 No Name

13 I Wanna Be Neil                                      14 Superpowers

15 Real Eyes                                                16 Coke Is It

17 Tradition                                                   18 Only A Fool

19 Generic Placebo                                      20 Scumtongue

21 Ode To Larry                                            22 Overreact

23 Free Trade


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