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Jarvis Street Revue (psychedelic rock)

The Jarvis Street Revue was formed in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada in the late 60’s around the talents of, Tom Cruickshank, Wayne Faulconer, Tom Horricks and George Stevenson. In 1970 the band released their only album, Mr. Oil Man which was recorded at DMG Sound Studios in Thunder Bay. Originally released on Columbia Records in Canada only, this album has all but disappeared over the years and original pressings of the album have become a highly collectable item changing hands for high prices in collectors circles. The album has also been bootlegged in both vinyl and CD format in Europe.

jarvis street revue.jpg
Jarvis Street Revue - Mr. Oil Man - 1971

Mr. Oil Man - 1971


Mr. Business Man 2:38

Mr. Oil Man 13:10

20 Years 3:05

Sally's Hymn (Smoker's Funeral Song) 4:42

300-South 2:41

Heidi-Ho (Let Her Go) 3:27


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