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Jennis (folk, blues)

Jennis (Dennis Gaumond & Jen Gillmor) delivers more sound, variety and fun than one would think could fit into a single touring vehicle. The unique blend of cello and dobro is also augmented by unusual sounds, such as didgeridoo, custom-tuned harmonicas, flute, wah-guitar, jaw harp and wazinator. Their sound is bluesy, at times funky, jazzy or folky, with a hint of exotic ethnic influences.  Their debut album, The Current, was released in June, 2014 and has charted at college radio stations across Canada. It was noticed by The Toronto Blues Society, who nominated them as finalists in their 2015 Talent Search Contest.

Jennis - The Current - 2014.jpg

The Current - 2014


I’m Not Here 5:35                                          Closer To Me 6:38

We Are The Ones 5:28                                 Perfect Thing 5:34

Take Me Some Time 5:26                             Weray Weray 6:15

Wind In My Hair 5:23                                    Eyes Wide Open 4:53

Fight No More 6:01                                       Never Been You 5:12

Things Have Changed 4:57                          You Know What I Need 4:28

Jennis - The Mirror - 2019.jpg

The Mirror - 2019


You Never Know 4:32                                 Go Viral 4:56

Misunderstanding 4:18                               Sneak Past The Mirror 4:26

Wide Awake 4:23                                       Too Much Stuff 5:11

Prison For Myself 4:08                               There’s Only Love 5:16

Family Tree 4:28                                         Run With The Wolves 4:13

There In Your Bubble 5:26                         Mountaintop 4:51

Get Up Stand Up 5:06

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