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Jerry Jerry and the Sons of Rhythm Orchestra  (alternative rock)

Jerry Jerry and the Sons of Rhythm Orchestra is an alternative rock band whose musical style blends elements of surf music, gospel music, rockabilly, garage, and punk. Formed in 1982 by lead singer Jerry Woods in Edmonton, Alberta. Starting out as what Jerry described as a "fuck band," after time they found themselves becoming a serious local act, prompting them to release their first independent EP Fighting Socialism in 1984.  The band continued to play until 2005. As of late 2010, Jerry plays with a punk rock cover band named "Spartans" including original guitarist Paul Soulodre.  Battle Hymn of the Apartment was rated No. 74 on Chart's Top 100 Canadian Albums of All Time reader poll in 1996.

Jerry Jerry and the Sons of Rhythm Orchestra

Road Gore - The Band That Drank Too Much - 1985


A1 Gospel Surfer                                          A2 Rhythm Crazy

A3 Color TV                                                  A4 Baby's On Fire

A5 Livin' On Top                                           A6 Hell And Back

A7 Daddy Was A Peacock                            B1 Happy Nun

B2 Bad Idea                                                  B3 Rancher King

B4 Dumb Love                                              B5 You Make Me Blue

B6 Judgement Date

Battle Hymn Of The Apartment - 1987


Runaway Lane                                           Bad Luck At Tulane

Pushin' For Jesus                                       Free Love

She's Been Used                                       Hurtin' Her Won't Make You A Man

The Mexican In Me                                    The Hard Way

In The Hands Of The Lord                         Wazoo

Mistaken                                                    Downhearted

The Drift

Don't Mind If I Do - 1992


How Can People Be So Wrong                Upstairs Thinking

Jimmy Reeves                                          Just A Big Kid (Over You)

Grandioise                                                 Superpowers

Banner Day                                               No Ass Tattoos (In Heaven)

Skin                                                           Big Pack Of Lies

Blew Elvis' Mind                                        The Ballad Of John Card & The Booze Rookie

She'll Get It Right                                      Beautiful Loser


1 Rockstar                                                2 Talk About My Dick

3 Showbiz                                                 4 Balloons

5 Venus                                                    6 Eyes On The Road

7 Radical Look, Pt 2                                 8 Not Too Hard (Yer Smart)

9 Ernie                                                     10 Smart (I'm Smart)

11 Weird                                                  12 Booze Revisited

13 The Most I Ever Drank                       14 White Like Me

The Sound And The Jerry - 1997


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