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Jet Black Stare  (hard rock, pop)

Vancouver hard rock group Jet Black Stare were founded in 2007 by Rod Black (vocalist), who started writing songs after becoming frustrated with the creative direction of his former band. After meeting Shane Hayes (bass), Black formed Jet Black Stare (the name was inspired by a photo of Johnny Cash) with Hayes, Flip (guitar), Dave Muselman (guitar), and Dan Swinimer (drums). The group signed with Island and worked with songwriter/producer Jeff Johnson on its debut album, In This Life, which was released in July 2008. ~ Katherine Fulton

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Jet Black Stare - In This Life -


Ready To Roll 3:11                                             I'm Breathing 3:52

In This Life 3:43                                                 Every Moment 3:50

It's Over 3:20                                                     Rearview Mirror 3:31

Fly 3:41                                                              I Won't Let Go 3:17

Poster Princess 3:08                                         

The River 3:11                                                   Next To Me3:37

In This Life - 2008

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