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Jr. Gone Wild

Edmonton, Alberta

Jr. Gone Wild is a country/punk rock based in Edmonton, Alberta. The band toured for a number of years and recorded several albums in the 1980s and 1990s. After disbanding in 1995, the group began performing and recording again in 2013.  The band's next members were Mike McDonald, David Lawson, Dave "Dove" Brown, and Ed Dobek. They recorded their first album, Less Art More Pop, in 1986 on the BYO label. In 2015 NTT Films began filming a feature-length documentary that follows the history of the band, from their first gig through to the present recording sessions and live shows.  - Wikipedia




Associated Acts

Years Active


1982–1995, 2013–Current


Cannibal Cafe


Where The Hell Are You?


Mike McDonald, Tom Wolfe, Adele Wolfe, and Bill (Will) Pontez


Music & Merch

Less Art, More Pop - 1986

Pull The Goalie - 1992

Too Dumb To Quit - 1994

Simple Little Wish - 1995

Brave New Waves Session - 2017

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