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Kidd Khaos (hard rock, metal)

Kidd Khaos is a unique Hard Rock band that hails from Orleans, Ontario.  They play late 80s style Hair Metal in the vein of Kinki Stunt, Sven Gali and Slaughter.  High energy guitar work on this rocking release. During the summer of 1994, Kidd Khaos recorded nine original tracks with George Brook at Sound of One Hand studio in Ottawa. This session resulted in a self-released, self-titled CD.  Great stuff on this little known indie.  Band members include Eric Eggleston – Vocals, guitar, Luc Poirier – Guitar, Jeremy Sweeney – Bass, guitar, vocals, keyboard, Jay Harrison – Drums

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Kidd Khaos - Kidd Khaos - 1994.jpg

Kidd Khaos - 1994


1. Break the Chains (4:03)                          2. Broken Tides (3:31)
3. Feedin Time (3:11)                                  4. Only the Wind (5:01)
5. Teargas (3:26)                                         6. Merlins Magik (3:45)
7. Dykes (4:00)                                            8. In My Trance (5:01)
9. Colorblind (8:22)


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