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Killinger (hard rock)

The band is called Killinger and its genesis came about when Dave Williams and Kevin Morin (lead vocalist and guitarist respectively) decided to team up to write intensively for an original project as they had extensive experience on the local hard rock scene. The concept was structured around key elements of 80’s rock music that would retain the melody and power which defines the genre and lends it so well to large arena performances. The Edmonton, Alberta band released their only album in 2010.

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Killinger - 2010

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1 We Are Here                                                     2 Never Change

3 Holding On                                                       4 The Gun

5 Crazy Things                                                    6 I Don't Care

7 King Of The Kill                                                8 The Sky

9 You Still Love Me                                             10 Listen

11 Got To Have You                                            12 Illuminati