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Kittens (noise rock, punk, country)

Kittens was a noise rock band from Winnipeg known for their intense live performances and country-influenced sound. Shawn Fedorchuk, Russ Desjardine and Steve Kellas started Kittens together after they disbanded their previous band, Batsweat, recruiting drummer David Kelly and releasing the album Like A Plough. Kittens released several albums on Sonic Unyon in the late 1990s. Of all of their albums, the only ones to be released as a vinyl LP were 1997's "Bazooka and the Hustler" and their split release with Shallow North Dakota. The group disbanded in 1999.

Kittens - Doberman - 1994.jpg

Doberman - 1994


1 Hocus Pocus                                     2 Opossum

3 Jack Knife                                         4 Totem

5 Queen Of Clubs                                6 Cat O'Nine Tails

7 Butterfly                                             8 Upper Cut

9 Pluto


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Kittens - Tiger Comet - 1995.jpg


1 Carpenter                                         2 Pinocchio

3 Gold                                                 4 Hornet

5 Colt                                                  6 Pinata

7 Cougar                                             8 Mongoose

9 Eye Shadow                                    10 Matador

11 Superhorse                                    12 Tiger Comet

Tiger Comet - 1995

Kittens - Bazooka And The Hustler - 1997


The Koala Fireball                               Great Dane

Orca                                                     The Coyote Of Northern Italy

Piccolo                                                 Kodiak

The Lone Ranger                                 Head Of A Wolf Eel

Binoculars                                            Snow Beluga

Sleeping Beauty                                  The Waterskiiers                           

Cry Of The Hippopotamus Syndrome: The Death Of A Baby Anteater

Bazooka And The Hustler - 1997

Kittens - The Night Danger Album - 1998.


1 Fright Night                                     2 Sex Boat

3 Moose Jaw                                     4 Honky Tonk Werewolf Song

5 Penthouse                                      6 Silent Night

The Night Danger Album - 1998

Kittens - Lo-Fi Classics and Other Rarit


1 Butterfly                                           2 Tomboy

3 Totem                                              4 Jacknife

5 Queen Of Clubs                              6 Tarantula

7 Calico                                              8 Pluto

9 Jailhouse Love                               10 Queen Of Clubs

11 Easter Egg Hunt                           12 Blue Velvet

Lo-Fi Classics and Other Rarities - 1998