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Kyra And Tully (folk)

Kyra and Tully are a husband-and-wife team — Kyra Walker and Michael "Tully" Pearson, who so far have released five studio albums. Between Kyra’s stunning, Sarah Harmer-esque vocals, the winter weather-inspired lyrics and the laid-back banjo arrangements (and perhaps their history of being featured on CTV’s Degrassi Junior High), this Kingston-based husband-wife duo is Central Canadiana to the core. A transformative musical journey, TIME is inspired by the changing weather of the seasons and in our own selves, exploring inner and outer landscapes. It is at once self-reflective and observing of the wider world.

Kyra and Tully – The Official Site

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Kyra And Tully - Kyra And Tully - 2006.p

Kyra And Tully - 2006

Kyra And Tully - Far Away - 2009.png

Far Away - 2009

Kyra And Tully - Wildlife - 2010.jpg

Wildlife - 2010

Kyra And Tully - Journey Home - 2015.png

Journey Home - 2015

Kyra And Tully - Time - 2020.jpg

Time - 2020


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