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The Last Placid Days Of Plenty (prog rock)

Canadian act THE LAST PLACID DAYS OF PLENTY were formed in 1989 Eric Dormander (drums) and Jamie Robinson (keyboards) back in 1989. Other members came and went as the band started to find their own sound, writing songs and developing their live performance, but in 1993 Doug Steens (guitars) hooked up with the band to add some stability to their fluent line-up. Some years later Al Webster (bass, vocals) hooked up with the band on a more permanent basis as well. After numerous sessions and reworkings in the studio their debut album Headphone Gallery was self-released by the band in November 2006. Since the album release Robinson and Webster have left the band, replaced by Mike Bossy (bass), David Carlito (keyboards) and Jeff Morrison (vocals).

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Last Placid Days Of Plenty - Headphone G


1 Into The Labyrinth                                                           2 Sand In Rain

3 Pressure                                                                         4 Asleep At The Wheel

5 Mr. Boggs                                                                       6 A Classic Past

7 The Ironclads                                                                  8 My Macabre Machine

9 Invisible Man                                                                  10 Diamond Jack & The Velvet Marauders

11 The End Of An Era


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Headphone Gallery - 2007

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