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Lectric Music Revolution (psychedelic, blues rock)

Lectric Music Revolution were a rock band with band members from Nova Scotia and Ontario possibly based out of Guelph, Ontario. This album was recorded on Marathon ALS 331 in 1969. The first pressing was on a yellow Marathon label,with reportedly 200 pressings; the second pressing was on the orange Marathon label  with reportedly 500 pressings. The band members were Manny Slaunwhite on lead vocals and guitar, Dennis Richardson on bass and Jack MacDonald on guitar and vocals; George Smith on guitar; Wayne Pottie on drums. The band also had a single:Bye Bye Love b/w Funny Little Girl on Solar Records SAR-202. 

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Lectric Music Revolution - Lectric Music

Lectric Music Revolution - 1969


I Am A Loser                                                Lectric Music Revolution

Future Is Past                                              Open Road Man

I Wonder                                                      Funny Little Girl

Let Yourself Go                                            Tanya Canya

Live Today Tomorrow's Not For Sure


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