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Toronto, Ontario

Len is an alternative rock band from Toronto. They are best known as a one-hit wonder for their 1999 song "Steal My Sunshine". Len was never able to repeat the success of "Steal My Sunshine", but continued to put out albums until 2005 before a seven-year hiatus. The band consisted of siblings Marc Costanzo (vocals, guitar) and Sharon Costanzo (vocals, bass) and a revolving lineup of other musicians. During the height of their popularity, the band's lineup included Brendan Canning, who co-founded the indie rock band Broken Social Scene shortly after leaving Len.  - Wikipedia



Associated Acts

Years Active


1991–2005, 2012–present


Steal My Sunshine

Feelin' Alright

It's My Neighbourhood


Current:  Marc Costanzo, Sharon Costanzo

Past:  Brendan Canning, Planet Pea, Drew "You're You" Lidkea, Drew MacEachern

Jody Mayne, Mike Ramsay, Craig Bennett, Matt Kelly, Malcolm Sweeney


Music & Merch

Superstar - 1994

Get Your Legs Broke - 1997

You Can't Stop The Bum Rush - 1999

We Be Who We Are - 2002

Diary Of The Madmen - 2005

It's Easy If You Try - 2012