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Les Versatiles (rockabilly, surf)

Les Versatiles were a instrumental guitar band formed in Montreal, Québec in 1959 as The Silvertones. Originally a three-piece, they styled themselves after The Ventures and The Shadows. They would eventually change their names to Les Versatiles and in 1962 after their gigs became more frequent and in front of bigger audiences (such as Chubby Checker at the Québec Coliseum) they recruited bassist Jean Cloutier and organist Rémi Clark. By 1964 they began recording their debut album for London Records.  - Jaimie Vernon, The Canadian Pop Music Encyclopedia

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Les Versatiles - 1964

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Last Night 3:01                                                 Down Step 2:21

Cascade 1:31                                                   Don't Be Cruel 2:25

Ouragan 2:43                                                   Alley Cat 2:12

La Madrague 2:16                                            Memo Compo 1:54

Oh Lonesome Me 2:06                                    Marisa 2:11

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