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Little Caesar & The Consuls

Toronto, Ontario

Little Caesar and the Consuls are a rock music group, originally active in Toronto from 1956 to 1971, originally as simply The Consuls. In 1959 the five-piece group split in two, with three members (Robbie Robertson, Gene MacLellan and Peter Deremigis) forming The Suedes, and Bruce Morshead and Norm Sherrat, after a time, putting a new band of Consuls together. The new group soon added Little Caesar to their name, supposedly after a number of fans commented that lead singer Bruce Morshead resembled Edward G. Robinson in the film Little Caesar.  The group recorded several Canadian hits, including "If ... (I Found A New Girl)" and covers of "My Girl Sloopy" and "You Really Got a Hold On Me", which reached #1 on the RPM charts in 1965, making them only the second Canadian group (after Chad Allan and the Expressions) to top that chart.  - Wikipedia

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rock, doo-wop

Associated Acts


The consuls


Years Active


1956 - 1971, present



You've Really Got A Hold On Me

(my Girl) Sloopy

Poison Ivy


Current:  Walter Taylor, James Legere, Phil Strong, Russ Strathdee, Martin Damsell

Past:  Bruce Morshead, Ken Pernokis, Tom Wilson, Gary Wright, Norm Sherratt, Gene MacLellan, Robbie Robertson
Steve Macko, Vic Wilson, Peter DeRemigis, Wayne Connors, Paul Denyes, Tommy Graham
Mike Hollman, Sandy White, John Bradley, Bob Olliffe

Music & Merch

Little Caesar & The Consuls - Little Cae
Little Caesar & The Consuls - Still Hang

Little Caesar & The Consuls - 1965

Still Hangin' On - 2013