Lucas Choi Zimbel

Montreal, Quebec

Lucas Choi Zimbel is one of the hardest working musicians in Montreal's English language folk scene. With monthly residencies in the city's most respected cultural spaces and bars, he has been putting up an impressive number of shows since 2014. For his solo act, he mostly finger-picks his way through colourful chords on the acoustic guitar. He also plays bluegrass, gypsy jazz and fiddle tunes from all over the world. In addition to the guitar, he plays accordion and clarinet. His lyrics reflect the changing times. - Lucas Choi Zimbel

Photo by Valentina Piras



Folk, Bluegrass, Gypsy jazz

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2014 - present (as a solo artist)



This Backwards Town

Teach Me Humility

The Backshed Sessions


Lucas Choi Zimbel

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