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Luke Gibson (folk, country rock)

Luke Gibson is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and harmonica player from Toronto, Ontario. An original member of the first iteration of Luke & The Apostles, when it dissolved he joined Kensington Market. He returned to the Apostles when it re-formed in 1970 for a brief period and in 1971 went solo. Also founded the publishing company Moonrider Music in 1971.

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Luke Gibson - Another Perfect Day - 1972.jpg

Another Perfect Day  - 1972


Virginia 3:25                                              Hotel 3:20

Windy Mountain 3:10                                Did You Ever 1:26

Flow 2:33                                                  All Day Rain 2:37

Full Moon Rider 3:21                                Lobo 5:21

Another Perfect Day 3:47                         Angel 3:12

See You Again 2:55


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