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Lyric Dubee

Barrie, Ontario

Lyric Dubee is an award winning, multi-genre artist born and raised near Toronto, Canada. Proficient and at ease playing ROCK, POP, BLUES, CLASSICAL, and JAZZ, his deep appreciation and experimentation with all the genres led Lyric to personalize his own style of music known as REVOLUTION ROCK. At 21, Lyric’s 5th album All This Time launched April 28, 2019 which showcased his blues/rock background with funky beats that keep you dancing! Then March 13, 2020 he released his newest EP Sudden Death of Stars which features 3 new tunes. 2019 ISSA Award WINNER for International ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR - Lyric Dubee

Photo Credit: Maryanne Bilham

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Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz

Awards & Accolades


2019 ISSA Award WINNER for International ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR 



Years Active


2010 - present


Shoulda Went Home

Sudden Death Of Stars

They Say


Lyric Dubee

Music & Merch

Lyric Dubee - Broken Dreams - 2011.jpg
Lyric Dubee - Alive - 2013.jpg

Broken Dreams - 2011

Alive - 2013

Lyric Dubee - Combat Of Love - 2015.jpg

Combat Of Love - 2015

Lyric Dubee - All This Time - 2019.jpg

All This Time - 2019

Lyric Dubee - Black Ice - 2015.jpg

Black Ice - 2015

Lyric Dubee - Sudden Death Of Stars (EP)

Sudden Death Of Stars - 2020

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