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Maitreya (metalcore)

Maitreya (may-trey-ah) is a progressive-metalcore band located in Whitby, Ontario. Maitreya has been active in the Oshawa metal scene since 2016.  In the early days, they took up residency at a local pub, and they have built a solid regional following through live performance. They are currently focused on expanding their reach online. he self-titled debut album – released August 2017 – provided the band opportunities to reach new markets across the GTA with a well-received product that sold out in off-stage sales. Maitreya showcased at Kitchener Metalfest, Wacken Metal Battle Toronto, 5/4 Fest as well as supporting the successful challenge for the Guinness World Record for Longest Concert (Stouffville, 2017).

Maitreya - Maitreya - 2017.jpg

Maitreya - 2017


1. Wage Against 03:27                            2. Remnants 04:03

3. Hollow Roses 04:59                            4. False Bodies 03:39

5. Common Threads 03:57                     6. Latent Poison 05:28

7. Boundless 04:02                                 8. The Author 04:43

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