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Major Hoople's Boarding House (pop, rock)

Major Hoople's Boarding House was a pop band from Cambridge, Ontario. They were active from the mid-1960s to the 1980s, performing mainly in Ontario and releasing several singles, one of which appeared on national charts. Rocky Howell, Peter Padalino, Gail Selkirk, Dave Lodge and Rick Riddell formed a band in Cambridge in the 1960s called the Shan-De-Leers. It was later renamed Major Hoople's Boarding House after they hired David Lodge in 1967. The group name referred to the long-running comic strip, Our Boarding House. The band signed with the Polydor record label, and released a single, "Everything's the Same". They performed in the club circuit and at summer dance halls around Ontario for a number of years and then signed with Axe Records. They had a top-30 Canadian radio hit in 1975 with "I'm Running After You".

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Major Hooples Boarding House - The Hoopl

The Hooples Album - 1981


Someone 2:42                                           I'm Runnin' After You 3:08

Cry Now It's Over 3:11                              What Took So Long 2:40

We Can't Give Up 3:20                             This Song Reminds Me Of You 2:28

You Girl 2:36                                             Easy 3:18

You're Hurtin' Everyone 2:38                    Good Morning Sun 3:10

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Major Hooples Boarding House - The New A


1 Late Night Invitation 3:45                       2 I Won't Miss You 2:45

3 What's It All About 3:10                          4 Face The Flame 3:48

5 Love On The Run 4:04                          6 Hold On 4:13

7 When I Get Through With You 3:15       8 You're Right 3:53

9 Wait For My Love 3:05                          10 Rock & Roll Express 4:23

The New Adventures Of Hooples - 1985