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Marianas Trench (alternative rock)

Marianas Trench is an alternative pop rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia, formed in 1999 by Josh Ramsay (lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, pianist, songwriter, occasional drummer) and lead guitarist Steve Marshall with Ramsay's sister Sara on keyboards and vocals, Erik Scott on drums and Trev Spilchen on bass. Originally called Ramsay Fiction, Marshall suggested a name change when Ramsay's high school friend Matt Webb, drummer Ian Casselman and Morgan Hempstead on bass, replacing Spilchen and Ramsay. Mike Ayeley, a long time friend of Casselman took up bass responsibilities when Hempstead and Marshall left the band in 2004, taking the 5 piece down to 4. The band's current line up has released five full-length studio albums.

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Marianas Trench - Fix Me - 2006.jpg

Fix Me - 2006


Say Anything 3:50                                     Decided To Break It 2:23

September 3:42                                        Alibis 4:00

Shake Tramp 3:34                                    Low 4:15

Push 3:24                                                 Far From Here 3:19

Vertigo 3:20                                              Alive Again 3:27

Skin & Bones 3:56                                    

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Marianas Trench - Masterpiece Theatre -


Masterpiece Theatre I 5:00                            All To Myself 3:11

Cross My Heart 3:11                                      Beside You 3:36

Acadia 3:18                                                   Masterpiece Theatre II 3:32

Sing Sing 3:15                                               Good To You 3:04

Celebrity Status 3:06                                     Perfect 3:03

Lover Dearest 4:03                                       Masterpiece Theatre III 6:40

Masterpiece Theatre - 2009

Marianas Trench - Ever After - 2011.jpg


Ever After 6:34                                             Haven't Had Enough 3:28

By Now 4:15                                                 Truth Or Dare 3:50

Desperate Measures 3:49                            Porcelain 4:02

Fallout 4:14                                                  Stutter 3:21

Toy Soldiers 4:11                                          B Team 3:52

So Soon 5:50                                               No Place Like Home 6:40

Ever After - 2011

Marianas Trench - Astoria - 2015.jpg


Astoria                                                       Burning Up

Yesterday                                                   One Love

August Burns Red                                     This Means War

Hospital Bells                                             Deadly Departed

Hollywood Renaissance                            Shut Up And Kiss Me

Who Do You Love                                     Never Say Die

Wildfire                                                      While We're Young

Forget Me Not                                           And Straight On Til Morning

End Of An Era

Marianas Trench - Phantoms - 2019.jpg


Eleonora                                                    Only The Lonely Survive

Echoes Of You                                           Don't Miss Me?

Wish You Were Here                                 Your Ghost

Glimmer                                                     I Knew You When

The Death Of Me                                       The Killing Kind

Astoria - 2015

Phantoms - 2019

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