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Mary Lu Zahalan (rock)

Mary Lu Zahalan is a rock singer and actress.  Born in Renfrew, Ontario and raised in Oakville, Ontario, Zahalan was a Miss Canada finalist in 1976 before embarking on a career as an entertainer. She received a nomination for a Juno Award in 1983 as Most Promising Female Vocalist. In 1990, she released the album Zahalan on MCA Records, and enjoyed moderate success with the single "I Can't Forget About You" on Canadian Pop Radio. In January 2011, Zahalan graduated from Liverpool Hope University with a masters degree in a program that studied The Beatles. She was the first graduate of the program.

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Think Of Me - 1982

Mary Lu Zahalan - Zahalan - 1990.jpg

Zahalan - 1990

Mary Lu Zahalan - Sundance Cafe - 1997.j

Sundance Cafe - 1997


Turn Of The Wheel                                          Caught In This Love

Touch Of A Lover                                            Try A Little Love Sometime

Would You Believe Me?                                  Think Of Me

Daytime Nightime                                            Take Me Through The Twilight

If I Had One Wish                                            Breaking Away


I Can't Forget About You                                 Fallen Angel

A Long Way From Loneliness                         Letting Go

Soulstar                                                           While We're Still Young

I'm Holding Onto My Heart                              It Must Have Been Your Heart

Don't Come To Me


1 It Only Hurts (When The Sun Goes Down)               2 Last Second Chance

3 Love Child                                                                 4 River Of Love

5 Gimme One Good Reason                                       6 All I Know

7 Only Game In Town                                                  8 Sunset Moon

9 Take A Little Time                                                    10 Struck By Love

11 I Can't Close My Eyes

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