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McKinley Morrison & Williams

Saint John, New Brunswick

Born from creativity and a lust to be free in music, Josh McKinley (Saint John), John Morrison (Saint John) and Darrell Williams (New York) have brought their musical tastes together to form a completely original sound that is sonically comparable to Jazz, Latin, World, Funk & Fusion. This forging of talent and players has opened up a side of music that is exciting and fresh, mixing sounds of the past with sounds of the present.  These three enjoy pleasing audiences with their tasteful and explosive jams. At a McKinley Morrison & Williams show, you can expect a beautiful, melodic and groove based musical fusion, bass solos, guitar wizardry, and a borderline drum clinic performance. Get out to see these cats and the magic that they are creating!  - McKinley Morrison & Williams, Music NB

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Jazz, fusion

Awards & Accolades


Headline act at the Uptown Jazz Ball in Saint John, New Brunswick


Years Active


2017 - present



Uptown Swing




Josh McKinley, John Morrison & Darrell Williams 

Music & Merch

McKinley Morrison & Williams - The Imper

The Imperial Sessions - 2019