Les Megatones

Montreal, Quebec

Of the many dance bands that Quebec youth experienced in the 1960s, the Megatones were among the pioneers in more than one way.  They were the first set of this generation that would be lyrical to pass the famous sound of electric guitars, echoed from the dance hall to the recording studio.  Legend has it that the guitarist Denis Champoux first appealed to his overflowing imagination and that he tampered with his amplifier to get the desired sound, before acquiring the famous Écholette box, an essential tool for any group worthy of the name during the first half of the decade. biographiesartistesquebecois



Surf, garage, pop rock


Associated Acts

Years Active


1962 - 1966


Zebra Twist

Finiculi Finicula



Ralph Angelillo: drums, percussion, Denis Champoux: guitar, vocals.
Claude Patry: guitare, chant (1962-1964) Jean Poiré: basse, saxophone (1962-1965) Claude Patry: guitar, vocals (1962-1964) Jean Poiré: bass, saxophone (1962-1965)  Guy Martineau: piano, organ, bass (1964-1966), Gilles Pouliot: bass (1966-1969)
et Michel Verreault: saxophone, chant (1963-1966) and Michel Verreault: saxophone, vocals (1963-1966)

Music & Merch

Voici Les Megatones - 1962

Dansons! - 1963

Ebbtide - 1965

Les Megatones - 1969

Le Fameux Son Des Megatones - 1977

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